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Exchange Calendar Web Part

The Exchange Calendar Web Part displays the appointments of the selected Microsoft Exchange mailboxes and/or Exchange public folder calendars as a calendar.

Exchange Calendar Web Part

Web Part Configuration:

enter the optional web part title

Web Part:

enter the below configuration options:

enter the name of the Windows account used to fetch the data from the Exchange server.
pwd=xxx (enter the password for the above account.)
enter the web domain name of the Exchange web frontend server
enter the domain name of the Exchange mail server
enter the mailbox name(s) or enter "{uid}" to display the current user's calendar
skin=Metro (select one of the available calendar skins)
view=Month (select either "Day", "Week" or "Month")
appointmentsperday=3 (appointments displayed per day)
firstdayofweek=0 (week starts on Sunday)
lastdayofweek=6 (week ends on Saturday)
rowheight=40 (height of appointment entryx in pixels)
template=Label:Placeholder;.. (define the tooltip template)
subjectcolors=filter=color;.. (define the subject colors)
cache=30 (enter the data cache duration in minutes)

Web Part Configuration
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5/6/2022 12:02 
Are these currently all configuration options or are there still some to be added?
5/20/2022 13:59 
we now also added "skin", appointmentsperday" and "template" to the available configuration options.