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Monterey Peninsula College goes live
Wednesday, May 01, 2002

Monterey Peninsula College goes live with new Campus Intranet powered Web site.
Monterey Peninsula College (MPC) has deployed Campus Intranet as a complete public Web site solution. MPC's old site spanned over 3000 HTML pages of resources and 8 SQL databases, thus MPC looked to Campus Intranet to compile these Web resources into one database.
MPC also choose Campus Intranet for its powerful content management features. With Campus Intranet's built in browser-based HTML editor, MPC can now truly distribute the Web site maintenance and text updating among staff members at each college operating area.
The new MPC Web Site can be found at

"The Campus Intranet application is great! After we installed a copy of the application for use as the college’s intranet we were so impressed that we purchased additional licensing for use as the college’s website. The enhanced content management features of Campus Intranet allow MPC to distribute the maintenance for the college’s intranet and website throughout the organization. Now that we’ve implemented Campus Intranet, MPC's academic departments have the ability to update their home page’s content from right within their browsers. All areas of our intranet now have the capability of being maintained by the individual information owners, and this feature, combined with Campus Intranet's powerful database publishing, makes it a valuable tool for this community college campus."

- Paul Emenhiser
  Director of Information Technology
  Monterey Peninsula College

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