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Feature Updates

Our latest feature updates on existing Products
Stock Quotes: Update
Stock Quotes Update Feature: New Data-Fields available -Date Time {lastDate}{lastTime} -Link to Yahoo Finance:{link} Also new Options available to format the Date string. Please have...
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Stock Quotes: Update
Stock Quotes Solution Update: We have a new data source provider. Please update your Solution to version and modify your Configuration, or replace the...
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Digital Clock: Examples
Digital Clock Example added: Please visit: The Product Page to get the settings for.
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Image Rotator: Update
Image Rotator Update Feature: -It is now possible to set a Link to the Image. Please create a ListColumn named "URL" from type "Hyperlink". In...
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Toast Notification: Update
Toast Notification Update Feature: -Feature to set the Click away function whether a Toast can be hidden once, if it will appear on each visit...
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Image Rotator: Update
Image Rotator Update Feature: -Autorepair broken configurations. If you are using a Custom List or a Link list, you can simply use this swith to...
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New Products

Our latest products created with the SharePoint framework to provide you with the best user experience
Birthday & Anniversary Reminder
The "Birthday & Anniversary Reminder" Web Part selects the forthcoming birthdays, anniversaries or "newly hired employees" of users from a Sharepoint List / Library
Product page "Birthday & Anniversary Reminder"
Image Rotator
The Image Rotator Web Part selects a random image file on each page visit from the specified Sharepoint Picture Library.
Product page "Image Rotator"
Color Calendar
The Color Calendar Web Part displays the color-coded appointments of the selected Sharepoint Calendar. The web part size can be freely specified which allows to...
Product page "Color Calendar"
Random Quote of the Day
The "Random Quote of the Day" Web Part randomly selects a quote from the selected RSS feed.
Product page "Random Quote of the Day"
Stock Quotes
The Stock Quotes Web Part uses the public Yahoo Finance Stock Quote Web Service to display selected stock quote information. The data are delayed by...
Product page "Stock Quotes"
RSS Feed Ticker
The RSS Ticker Web Part displays either an external RSS Feed or the content of an XML file within your Sharepoint environment or a Public...
Product page "RSS Feed Ticker"
Toast Notifications
GeneralThe Toast Notification SharePoint solution lets you centrally manage notifications and alerts targeted to all users or specific user groups.
Product page "Toast Notifications"
Digital Clock
The Digital Clock displays the current date and time both for the local user plus any number of additional time zones.
Product page "Digital Clock"