Birthday & Anniversary Reminder

The "Birthday & Anniversary Reminder" Web Part selects the forthcoming birthdays, anniversaries or "newly hired employees" of users from a Sharepoint List / Library

You can configure the following web part properties:

  • Date range for the selected items
  • Date formation with Moment.js for maximum flexibility
  • Custom CSS styles to adjust the look and feel
  • creating a custom Template gives you the maximum flexiblility


Download and extract the current version of the WebPart.
Navigate to the App Catalog, upload the .sppkg file.
The Dialog will ask you about the deployment method and offer you the ability to deploy the Solution to all Sites (Checkbox).
now the WebPart is available to attach it to a WebPart zone as neededas needed

General Settings layout Settings

General Settings

Site Name: If your List is located in another Site, please set the full URL to the Site.
List Name: Internal Listname (mostly the displayed Name)
Birthdate List Column Name: enter the Birthdate Column Name
Anniversary List Column Name: (optionally) to get a calculated Value as number of working Years.
Nbr. of Days to show: enter the number of days into the future (starting from the current date) to include in the list.
Nbr. of Days past: enter the number of days to keep the birthday/anniversary in the list after it has passed.
Link to Item: enable/disable a hyperlink to the displayed Item
Link target: open the link either in a new Window/Tab or in the same Window
Options: Specified different working mechanism by Options (List below).
License Key: Enter your license Key.

layout Settings

Date Format: Formating the Birthdate
Custom CSS Style: 
Adjust the look and Feel with additional CSS.
Order: Ascending or Descending




Product Price
AE Birthday Reminder SPFx Version Free download..
AE Birthday Reminder SPFx USD 125.00

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Scott Dowd

Testing the app but coming across the following error

Unable to get property ‘length’ of undefined or null reference

TypeError: Unable to get property ‘length’ of undefined or null reference
at Anonymous function (

Have validated there are not null values in the list.



there must be an issue with the web part’s “Field Template” setting which should contain the column names to be displayed, enclosed in curly braces.

The error seems to occur when you refer to a column that does not exist.
Can you check ?


I like the idea – have used Amrein web parts in previous company. I’m getting bogged down trying to format this – is there any user documentation on this? I can’t see how to restrict it to a particular list view, and some help on styling (e.g. how to put, say, items in two columns) would be great.

Brian Mangan

I’m looking for some documentation on getting this webpart configured before making a purchasing decision.

Here is the error I’m seeing:
Cannot read property ‘length’ of undefined

TypeError: Cannot read property ‘length’ of undefined

Any help would be appreciated – thanks!


Jürg Amrein

Hi Brian,

can you indicate the below web part settings:

– Site Name
– List Name
– Birthdate List Column Name

Jose Sanchez

Hi Juerg thank you for your response for calendar web part, another question, this BDAY web part send email to user birthday? thank you

Jürg Amrein

the Office 365 version of the web part is not able to send out e-mails.


Hi Juerg, Trust you are doing great? I followed the installation guide and deployed the Birthday & Anniversary Reminder on all sites. I created a SharePoint modern communication site, a list named BirthdayList and created one column called Birthdate with date datatype. I edited the site created and added the AE Birthday web part and I was informed to configure the Birthday web part. See the what I added on the AE Birthday Reminder properties below: Site Name: I added the url of the communication site I created List Name: This is the name of list I created – Birthday… Read more »


I get the same error i made sure i have a list named birthdays in the same site with First Name, last Name and photo as columns i still get Unable to get property ‘length’ of undefined or null reference error . Any thoughts on this