RSS Feed Ticker

The RSS Ticker Web Part displays either an external RSS Feed or the content of an XML file within your Sharepoint environment or a Public folder.
It shows the feed either as a Marquee ticker or a static vertical list.

The web part can be configured to:

  • external RSS Feed URL or an XML-File containing the data to be visualized
  • The maximum number of items to be displayed
  • The display option (ticker or regular list)
  • Customisation with a Template and CSS


Download and extract the current version of the WebPart.
Navigate to the App Catalog, upload the .sppkg file.
The Dialog will ask you about the deployment method and offer you the ability to deploy the Solution to all Sites (Checkbox).
now the WebPart is available to attach it to a WebPart zone as needed

General Settings Layout Settings Ticker Settings Expert Settings

General Settings

Feed Url: Input the Feed Url or the URL to a public XML-File
Feed as Ticker: Will enable the Feed as a Ticker.
Max Count: Limits the amount of Items to display.
Show Feed Title: Displays the Title of the current Feed.
Show Pubclication Date: Shows the Publication Date.
Show Description: Will show the Description.
Description Characters Limit: Let you limit the characters of each description with a number.
Link Target: references where the Link should be opened.
Header: Lets you manually set a Header text with HTML and CSS.
Footer: Lets you manually set a Footer text with HTML and CSS.
Options: Specified different working mechanism by Options (List below).
License Key: Enter your license Key.

Layout Settings

Container CSS: designs the container where the WebPart is in.
Feed Title CSS: is focused on the Title if enabled.
Item Title CSS: Will manipulate the each item title.
Date Format: Formats the Date section as needed.
Item Date CSS: Additional Color, Font, Background.
General CSS Styling: Select an item with its Class Name or ID to add CSS Style.

Ticker Settings

Delimiter: define the end section of each item.
Height: Height in pixel.
Speed: 1 to 10 increase the ticker speed.
Background Color: Sets the Background Color.
Font Color: Sets the font Color as HTML tag like "Red" or Hexadezimal like #ffaabb.
CSS: additional CSS.

Expert Settings

Header Template: HTML/CSS Header Template to start with like a Title and Div / UL Tag.
Field Template: Will repeat for each Item. To select a Title, Description use curly brackets: {Title}
For example:< h1>{title}< /h1>{descriptiion}< hr />

Footer Template: Set the footer Template with ending Tags
If you set the Footer Template to a Question Mark, and something within the Field Template, the WebPart will show the first item as a string.
So you can see all the Tags you could use from the particular RSS Feed.



To point to an XML file within your SharePoint Site/SiteCollection, use the Option: noproxy=1|

Product Price
AE RSS Feed Ticker SPFx Version Free download..
AE RSS Feed Ticker SPFx USD 75.00

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