Stock Quotes

The Stock Quotes Web Part uses the public Yahoo Finance Stock Quote Web Service to display selected stock quote information. The data are delayed by 20 minutes and provided by Yahoo Finance. 

You can configure the following web part properties:

  • the list stock symbol to watch
  • Background color to indicate a positive or negative value
  • additional CSS to adjust the look and feel
  • creating a custom Template gives you the maximum flexiblility


Download and extract the current version of the WebPart.
Navigate to the App Catalog, upload the .sppkg file.
The Dialog will ask you about the deployment method and offer you the ability to deploy the Solution to all Sites (Checkbox).
now the WebPart is available to attach it to a WebPart zone as neededas needed

General Settings Autorefresh Settings Expert Settings

General Settings

Symbol: Enter the Stock Symbol
Background Color: Set a background Color for a positive, negative and N/A state, separated with a ";" like: green;red;silver or #19ef60;#f31040;Silver
Custom CSS Style: Adjust the look and Feel with additional CSS.
Options: Specified different working mechanism by Options (List below).
License Key: Enter your license Key.

Autorefresh Settings

Enable Autorefresh: enable or disable this functionality to automatically refresh it's values.
(i.E. to use this WebPart on a public Display)
Interval in Minutes: Specified the interval in Minutes from 5 to 120Minutes.

Expert Settings

Header Template: HTML/CSS Header Template to start with like a Title and Div / UL Tag.
If you like to have the Indicator background-colors, please use the class name: AESQstockWrapper.
Field Template: Will repeat for each Item. To select a stock information values use curly brackets: {g}
Fields to address: {high}{low}{volume}{change}{symbol}{close}{open}{link}
Footer Template: Set the footer Template with ending Tags



instance=n|:To configure multiple instances for itself, set each WebPart to an own instance.
i.E. instance=1| for the first WebPart. And instance=2| for the second one

setcolortoclass=classname|:Set Background-Color properties assigne to the proper classname (Expert Mode only)
setcolorattribut=attributname|:Set the CSS attribute within the proper classname (Expert Mode only)
epoch=TIME_SERIES_INTRADAY|:Enables (if available for the particular Stock) the placeholder {lastDate}{lastTime}.
rearrange the datestring if needed
set a delimeter for the above option

Product Price
AE Stock Quotes SPFx Version Free download..
AE Stock Quotes SPFx USD 80.00

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Jeffrey Oliver

This web part does not work on IE11 (which most users in our company use), rendering this web part useless for us at the moment.

Sorry, something went wrong
Can’t load the application on this page. Use the browser Back button to retry. If the problem persists, contact the administrator of the site and give them the information in Technical Details.

Technical Details

Error details: TypeError: Object doesn’t support property or method ‘requestAnimationFrame’

Troubleshoot issues with Microsoft SharePoint Foundation.
Correlation ID: 9d93639e-90f9-5000-dc1e-f44ef78be347
Date and Time: 5/3/2018 10:29:15 AM


Hi Jeff,

the “Stock Quotes” web part actually does not use the “requestAnimationFrame” function, so it must actually be caused by some other other component placed on your page.
Can you check ?

James W

We have 2 instances of this Webpart, which up until now have worked without issue. However both Webparts have stopped working, they’re both blank with no error codes or information displayed.

Are there any troubleshooting issue you can recommend and/or is the service it requires working?

Jeffrey Oliver

I’ve got the same issue as James W. The web part all of a sudden a couple of days ago just stopped showing up. The web part is blank….doesn’t show anything.

Darlene Suarez

I am also having the same issue, web part no longer displays.

Jürg Amrein

Darlene, Jeff and James,

AlphaVantage (the finance data provider used by the web part) seems to currently have performance issues during peak hours especially during the afternoon (US time zones), most probably caused by the data provider not being able to cope with the large number of data requests and we hope that they will soon remedy this issue.


Hi, how can I set the currency to GBP or … ? Thx.


it is currently not possible to display the stock value in a currency other than US$.
This is a limitation imposed by the finance data provider.

Shaun Phillips

Any idea why the change arrow doesn’t seem to appear on modern pages, or know of any way of getting it to work here? I have the arrow showing on classic, and everything else seems to work properly on modern except the arrow.