2.8 Random List Item Tile

The "Random List Item" tile displays a random list item selected from the Sharepoint List or Library specified in the "URL" setting.
The tile uses the item template entered into the "Content" setting to render the item.
The list columns are referenced by entering the column names enclosed in curly braces.
The "/daily" option can be appended to the "Content" to have the tile display the same item throughout the day.

"Quote of the Day" example:

This example displays the top item from
the"Quote of the Day" Sharepoint list.

Content: <p class=AETIquote>{Quote}</p> <p style="text-align:right">{QuoteAuthor}</p>
Background: [doublequote]/transparency=off
URL: http://somedomain/Lists/Quote of the Day/AllItems.aspx
Random List Item Tile displaying a random Sharepoint list item

"Employee Spotlight" example:

This example displays a randomly selected item from
the"Employees" Sharepoint list.

Also, the "/daily" parameter is added to the "Content" setting to display a different list item every day (as opposed to a different list item on each page request).

Content: <table><tr> <td>{Attachments/round}</td> <td>{First Name} {Last Name}<br>{Department}<br>{Office}</td> </tr><table>/daily
URL: http://somedomain/Lists/Employees/AllItems.aspx
Random List Item Tile displaying a random Sharepoint list item

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