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SharePoint Web Parts FAQ

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Category: General

Do you provide an EULA document ?
yes, the EULA file is contained in each downloadable zipped web part package.

Is your company willing to give out the source code to once of your samples?
Since we are a commercial company, we are hesitant to hand out our source code to the public.
Also, our web parts are probably not well suited as good examples for an introduction into this field. You will find lots of good introductions for web part development on the internet. Codeplex ( for example has many interesting examples including free source code.

Would your company be willing to sell source code?
Yes, we sometimes sell our source code (also with the option to include support in bootstrapping code development within other companies). Another typical process is to create custom code for the customer on a contract basis and then hand out the source code to the customer for future on-site refinements. Please note that there is a restriction that your company could only use the source code for internal purposes (no direct commercialization).

How long will I have to wait for the license key after purchasing a webpart?
The license key will be forwarded to your mailbox instantly.

How can I enter the License Key?
There are 3 options to enter License Key:
1. Enter the License Key into corresponding "License Key" field in web part configuration pane.
2. Add the License.txt file (as supplied by AMREIN ENGINEERING) to the Solution.
3. Add License Key to the Sharepoint web application0s web.config file.

See Web Part Installation Instructions PDF (section "License Activation") for more details.

Would you provide the source code?
We provide the source code (for non-commercial internal use only) as part of the premium annual support.

Where can I find the web config file?

How many web part licenses do I need to purchase?
The web part license applies to each web front end server.