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SharePoint Web Parts FAQ

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Category: Installation

How to update a web part ?
Updating web parts is an ongoing (never-ending...) process. This might make it hard to keep track with the latest releases. We are often asked about the easiest procedure to update web parts. Watch our video on YouTube and see how to update Web Parts using the SharePoint Management Shell.

Where can I find the "Miscellaneous" Section?
The "Miscellaneous" section is at the very bottom in the Editor pane. You might need to use the scroll bar to reach it.

How can I replace the DLL?
Replace the DLL as follows (assuming it’s been deployed to c:\windows\assembly):
- use Windows File Explorer either directly at the server or via RDP (but not via a network drive)
- navigate to c:\windows\assembly
- highlight the DLL and choose “Uninstall” from the right mouse button context menu
- use drag & drop to place the new version in the GAC
- issue an “iisreset” command (using the CMD prompt)