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Microsoft Sharepoint Web Parts

Sharepoint Zip Solution

Zip Solution Web Part

Easily select files and folders from your SharePoint Library and create/ download immediately a zip file. All sub files and folders will be included in your zip package.

Product Price

Zip Creator V14.2.0
SharePoint 2010 on premise
- 30 Day Evaluation Version

Free download..

Zip Creator V15.2.0
SharePoint 2013 on premise
- 30 Day Evaluation Version

Free download..

Zip Creator V16.2.0
SharePoint 2016 on premise
- 30 Day Evaluation Version

Free download..
License Key
Single Server License
USD 250.00
License Key
Up to 3 Front End Servers License
USD 500.00
License Key
Unlimited number of Front End Servers License
USD 1,000.00
Zip Creator Installation Instructions download..



Once you installed the solution in your SharePoint Farm (Installer Wizard included), decide in which site you want enable this feature. Enter your site settings --> Go to Manage Site Features and enable it. Zip Feature will automatically enabled in all your SharePoint libraries.



Please enter a comment below if you have problems with the installation, want to give feedback or have suggestions for improvements:

User Comments Post a Comment 

1/17/2015 19:52 
Is there a way to enable this on a specific list(s) rather than an entire site?
3/10/2015 01:35 
Would this work with your classified web part? I'd like to be able to allow an user to download a "package" with different items from the catalogue, including their documents and attachments.
3/10/2015 10:57 
actually not, since the Zip Creator zips the files of a Sharepoint document library (as opposed to the items in a List including the item attachments).
3/11/2015 20:19 
Thanks Juerg,I will post my follow up on the classified comments section :)
5/15/2015 16:28 
I am trying to download the eval version and the link does not work. Thanks.
5/15/2015 19:14 
the download link now works as expected.

  1. Unpack the Amrein.Extension.AEZI.F.wsp, the Amrein.Sharepoint.Core.wsp, the Install2013.bat and install2013AmreinCore.bat files from the Zip Archive and place the 2 files onto your Sharepoint Server.
  2. Run the install2013AmreinCore.bat file to add the Amrein core solution
  3. Run the install2013.bat file to add the web part solution
  4. Deploy the two solutions by navigating with your browser to “Central Administration > System Settings > Farm Management > Manage farm solutions”
6/11/2015 18:11 
I am trying to download the ZIP solution and I get the "Page not found" error...
6/11/2015 18:39 
you might need to hit Ctrl-F5 to delete the browser cache.
The correct URL is

Jean Marie  
9/4/2015 17:12 
Is this apps localized (french, german, spanish, portugese, etc.) ? Thanks
9/4/2015 17:31 
Jean Marie,
it is currently only localized for English and German, so you would need to create a French resource file (or send us the French translations so we could create it for you).
2/5/2016 21:01 
We have this installed on 2010. But users with read access to a library are getting an access denied message when they try to use the feature. Do users need a higher level of access in order to download as zip?
2/7/2016 18:17 
„Read“ permission to the site and its document libraries should be sufficient to use the Zip extension.
Can you navigate to the document library, click on “Library” in the ribbon and then click “Library Permissions” in the ribbon, then click on “Check Permissions” in the ribbon to check if a user who is currently getting an “access denied” indeed does have at least “Read” permission on the document library ?
4/9/2016 11:24 
Very nice solution. Can you add some clock icon to show the zip creation process?
Question: where zip-file is created (do I need to clear some folder on server?)
4/10/2016 17:48 
we check if we can add the "in progress" icon/cursor to the solution's next major release.
The Zip file is not created in a folder on the server, but presented to the user as a download.
3/27/2017 22:42 
have mixed environment sp2016 and 2013, how deploy.
3/29/2017 18:13 
You can actually use the SP 2013 Zip download both for your SP 2013 and for your SP 2016 farm.
8/8/2017 10:57 
How do I insert the license key in the product? I can't find the Position.
8/9/2017 19:32 
we sent you the "License.txt" file which you then need to add into your hive on the Sharepoint web frontend server:

SharePoint 2010:
C:\Program Files\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\Web Server Extensions\14\template\layouts\Features\Amrein.Extension.AEZI_DownloadZip

SharePoint 2013:
C:\Program Files\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\Web Server Extensions\15\TEMPLATE\FEATURES\Amrein.Extension.AEZI_DownloadZip

SharePoint 2016:
C:\Program Files\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\Web Server Extensions\16\TEMPLATE\FEATURES\Amrein.Extension.AEZI_DownloadZip
Web Boss  
2/27/2019 18:14 
Is the Zip creator included in the Web Part bundle?
2/27/2019 18:47 
Web Boss,
the Zip Creator is part of the web part bundle.

Technical Support Contact Information
If you find that you cannot resolve an issue using the above tools, our Technical Support staff will be ready to handle your technical support needs. You can reach our staff by phone or by email.

Phone: +41 (0)62 823 75 75 (9am - 5pm GMT)
Fax : +41 (0)62 823 75 74

We mostly use your multimedia and rotator web parts to add some life to our SharePoint based intranet. The web parts are inexpensive, easy to install, simple to configure and work reliably. We couldn’t ask for more.

Warren Moseley, Whitefriars College

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