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Microsoft Sharepoint Web Parts

Sharepoint Inspired Tiles Web Part

The Inspired Tiles SharePoint Web Part is a great way to promote and show any information in a tiled, metro theme. Inspired by the SharePoint 2013 Promoted Links Web Part. Also, it uses a modern jQuery plugin to automatically arrange the tiles and provide a slick filtering system for the tiles. List driven, point it at a list and then configure the web part properties.
Each Tile includes:

  • Title, and optionally a Description
  • The description will show on hover, rising from the bottom of the tile sliding/animating to the top.
  • Background image, configure its size and location
  • Background color: 18 built-in styles (css class names) are included, see below for more information
  • Href link when Tile label clicked

Important Note:
Microsoft recently released an announcement ( that they are effectively Shutting Down Sandbox Solutions with Code in Office 365 within 30 days from July 29 2016. Some clients are already impacted prematurely. Within 30 days your Product will likely become disabled and therefore unusable. This decision has come as a shock to the SharePoint community and we are working on path forward. Sandbox solutions have been deprecated for years but are (were) a reliable way to build SharePoint Web Parts for on and off premise sites. There was no earlier warning with a specific date that Sandbox Solutions with Code would be disabled, therefore we couldn’t warn our customers ahead of time. We apologize for the inconvenience. Note, the product still works On Premise including SharePoint 2016.
  • Lots of configuration operations, can be as simple as displaying a list of tiles with just text, or advanced layouts that include custom backgrounds, hyperlinks to content, custom sorting of tiles, and custom filtering of items returned from list (using CAML where clause).
  • If you include a field in your list that contains filter information (like a Category), this will be used to automatically include filter/category buttons at the top of the gallery, and using these filter buttons you can show/hide the matching tiles. Each tile can be in one or more filter categories too.
  • 30 day trial period. Purchase a license for continued use. License is good for each front-end server (on premise) or each tenant (online).
  • Packaged as a SharePoint Sandbox Solution, can be installed as a Farm Solution or Sandbox Solution on premise or in the cloud.
  • Compatible with SharePoint 2010 (Foundation and Server), SharePoint 2013 and 2016 (Foundation and Server).
  • Packaged as a Site Collection Feature, activate once per site collection. JS and CSS is available via a list in the root site of site collection. Feel free to tweak and make it your own. Almost all source code is JavaScript, free to customize.

Installation Instructions:
  • For Farm Solution installation: using either PowerShell or STSADM, add the WSP to the farm (we recommend opening SharePoint PowerShell, then using STSADM within):
    - STSADM.EXE -o addsolution -filename "AEInspiredTiles.wsp"
    - then deploy the solution using Central Administration (System Settings, Farm Solutions), so you can easily target the web application.
  • For Sandbox Solution installation, open the Site Collection that you want to add the web part, open Site Settings (must be a site admin or owner to do this), open the Solution Gallery (or Solutions in 2013), add the WSP to the gallery, then activate the solution.
  • After the solution is deployed (either Farm or Sandbox), you then activate a Site Collection Feature named “AE Inspired Tiles Web Part”. This adds the web part and creates some libraries in the root site of the site collection.
  • Add the web part to a page (Group is “Amrein Engineering”, web part name is “Inspired Tiles Web Part”).
  • Edit the web part properties.
  • Enter a license key, or leave blank for a 30 day trial.
  • Enter the web site url (as a server relative url) that the list containing the pictures is located, or leave blank to use the current web site.
  • Enter the name of the list where the images are saved. Optionally, you can use the default list that is created when the feature is activated.
  • That’s it! Save the web part and refresh the page. Your gallery should now be filled with the images from the list.  

Product Price     
Inspired Tiles Web Part
Sandbox Solution for SP 2010, 2013 and 2016 
free download..
Inspired Tiles Web Part License Key
Single Front-End Server
USD 100.00
Inspired Tiles Web Part License Key
Up to 3 Front-End Servers
USD 200.00
Inspired Tiles Web Part License Key
Unlimited Front-End Servers
USD 500.00
Web Part Installation Instructions download..

Please enter a comment below if you have problems with the installation, want to give feedback or have suggestions for improvements:

User Comments Post a Comment 

11/4/2015 05:54 
Just to be clear, this web part is available as a free download which has a 30 day trial baked into it. After 30 days you will be nagged to purchase a license for the product. There is no "free" version that will allow unlimited usage.
11/13/2015 21:35 
This is slicker than snot on a doorknob.
11/30/2015 07:53 
I have tried every syntax I can come up with to get the web part to reference an alternative list to AEInspiredTilesItems in the top level ite, but it won't point at an alternative location. Update access to top level site is restricted so we really need to be able to point people at an alternative location - how is that supposed to be done?
12/1/2015 23:36 
@Frank, yes the web part can be pointed to use any list/library in the site collection, by editing the web part properties and changing the List Name and also the Server Relative Url. List Name can be like "MyTiles" and Server Rel Url can be like "/sites/testsite1", where TestSite1 is the root site of a site collection. Or you could specify a subsite like "/sites/testsite1/subsite1". Watch out, the web part needs its JS and CSS assets saved in a library in the root site of the site collection, named AEInspiredTilesAssets. So any user using the web part has to have read access to this library in the root site of site collection.
2/5/2016 06:49 
I have a panel of tiles on the home page, and they look lovely and all. However, I want to hide some of those tiles from some people (peole who aren't managers don't need to have their screens cluttered with management related information). I'd normally do this with "Target Audiences", but that doesn't seem to work in this instance. I know that Microsoft's Promoted Links don't work with target audiences and that you can "cheat" by breaking permissions inheritance for items to be hidden from some people and removing them from the list of people with access to the item, but I was hoping that this would work more cleanly. Was my hope in vain, or am I missing something in how to get Target audiences to work on the Inspired tiles web part?
2/9/2016 19:36 
Is there a way to hide the "show all" and show just the categories?
2/12/2016 20:14 
Will this be available in the solution store for on-prem?
2/12/2016 20:17 
yes, it can be installed both on-premise and on Office365.
2/26/2016 16:29 
Can we add a group column in the list to show items to specifc users
like we can in SharePoint navigator?
3/11/2016 18:26 
Hi Juerg - LOVE this web part. You're making my 2010 platform look not so 2010. Question - Can we adjust the display font? Tried in Extra CSS Inline without success. Would be even better if we can adjust the title and description fonts separately.

3/23/2016 19:01 
Stacie - because Amrein's stylesheets are using weighted css, you'll need to add more than just the class for that item/element. And you can style them separately. In the Extra Css Inline field, put this:
.insptilelabel ul .insptilelabeltitle {font-family: Verdana; font-size: 1.0 em; line-height: 100%}
.insptilelabel ul .insptilelabelmemo {font-family: ‘Segoe UI’; font-size: 1.0 em; line-height: 100%}
3/24/2016 08:07 
In the write up, it refers to custom sorting, and there is a property for "Sort order field name". I have created a column in my tiles list called "Order" of type number, populated that for all tiles, and inserted Order into the Sort order field name property and it does nothing. I tried sorting the default view of the list into Order sequence, and I've read the PDF associated with the web part but can't find how to put tiles into the right sequence. Could you please advise how to use the "Custom sorting" feature? RESOLVED: was using the display name of the field, not the internal field name.
3/31/2016 21:49 
@Amanda, yes a new web part property named 'Hide 'Show All' Category' is available to do this, and should be used with web part property 'Default Filter Value' to set the category that should be loaded on page load.
5/10/2016 00:21 
Is there a way to adjust the size of the Tiles (make them smaller)? Thanks.
5/10/2016 21:43 
@Wallace, this isn't really supported, but you can do it by editing the CSS and JS files found in the root site of the site collection, InspiredTilesAssets. In the CSS file you'll need to change the insptile_tile class, default is 150px width/height. Also, you'll need to change the insptilelabel class "top" attribute. Plus the JS file "app.js" will need to be changed so the hover effect moves the description of the tile up/down correctly, looking for the code: $('.insptile_container li').hover, changing the 100px to match whatever you use in the insptilelabel class in the CSS file.
5/16/2016 15:36 
We have been using this part for a few months and love it! Even better, I now see you have an update to pick a default category instead of the "All Tiles".

Given this update will put much more emphasis on the Category. Can you tell me what file/line(s) to update in the install package to increase the Category Tab Font, make it bold and also increase the tab height?

5/18/2016 22:52 
Hi Ben,

We installed the latest update in our test environment (we were using version from Nov '15).

When we load the page now, we just get "Loading...." message where the web part is located. A fiddler trace shows error code 401 Unauthorized. I sent a copy to your email address from last fall.

All the js files are in the right place and we can see them so I'm not sure if it's something on or side or in the package. I do know it's system wide though and when I roll back the update so we are running on the old version, all works fine. Any thoughts?

By the way, this part is really fantastic and the latest update will make it even better!

6/13/2016 13:06 
is there a way to filter for each user group? for example the

"List Where Clause Field Name" selects a column in my case its "group"
"List Where Clause Field Value" selects a value from that column in my case its a group called "approves" is there a way to automaticly grab the logged in user there group

6/16/2016 17:07 
Hi, what's the character limit for a) the TileDescription field and b) the Title field? We are using this web part with SharePoint 2010. Thanks
6/29/2016 21:41 
I implemented your solution and it’s working nicely.
I would like to know, is it possible for you to add Pagination and OOTB Search feature or just a search box by column so that user can search any specific tile
7/22/2016 22:23 
Some of the links in my list need to open in a new window while links others should not. I was able to do this with promoted links. How can I accomplish it with this web part?
7/25/2016 13:43 
This is a great web part and I've been using it for several months now. I have it installed as a sandboxed solution in our production 2010 site and after updates this past weekend, it no longer works. The error message is "No available sandboxed code execution server could be found". I've tried deactivating it and removing the solution and putting it back, but still no luck. Any help would be appreciated!
Frank McCormack  
8/26/2016 16:39 
when I use Inspired tiles on a page running under IE11, all transparency is removed from the bars beneath the windows and float up of the text obscures all the rest of the tile. I am running in Enterprise mode - is this expected behaviour and is there a way to make it work properly?
8/26/2016 23:43 
I'm really loving the we bpart! Any chance that there this web part could ever support "Search"? I can imagine it adding an excellent dimension and really round out the webpart!
9/14/2016 16:19 
First, this part was good before v1.5 update but that change has been a game changer in how we have been able to use it.... Great Update!

We have had a few users comment that the TileColor option is confusing since you have to use the colors listed on the help site.

Would it be possible to adjust the code so that if someone doesn't use the ones you have programmed in the css, it assumes it's a standard html color name or the #code? This would make it more consistent with the rest of the Amrein web parts and also make it easier for people who have corporate color schemes.

11/2/2016 20:57 
I'm having an issue where the web part does not work properly if I use a period in the column listed in the Filter Field Name property. Is there a way to filter by a column that contains a period (e.g. V1.0)? I tried using code instead of the perioid, and the filter button appeared, but showed the code instead of the period.
Nik Naumov  
11/8/2016 00:05 
Hi Amrein, is it possible (via web part customisation perhaps) to have an easy way for user to change a single tile size? So the end result would look like a tiles tag cloud with bigger tiles having more important content and smaller tiles less important. Size, style, position and link will need to be configured manually per tile. Many thanks, Nik
Mark Hanson  
11/10/2016 12:47 
We have an issue when using multiple (filtered) tiles on the same page, one set of tiles filters as expected but the other does not. Having looked this up it looks like a Javascript conflict, is there anyway to resolve this so both sets of tiles filter correctly?
Mark Hanson  
11/10/2016 12:49 
When using this webpart in IE11 the transparancy disappears and is replaced by a solid black line, it also doesn't render as well as it does in chrome, can this be fixed as the majority of our business is fixed to IE?
Mohammad Shahnawaz  
11/17/2016 07:33 
Hello Amrein,

i am having an issue in filter button tabs....
now, button showing in alphabetically orders or names but
i don't want button orders like A,B,C,D.....

i know you did right but my need is below.
i want like: D, B,J,A.

Can i categories filter buttons manually.. how?

11/28/2016 21:27 
We have a number of people looking for a smaller tile size (like 100x100 instead of the default 150x150). I am wondering if you can provide an alternate css file for that size? We have tried to modify using in-line options but can't get the grey transparent area to be the right size and move in the correct way.

4/25/2017 00:23 
Hello Juerg:

We are loving this web part. But we notice that it would be good if we could lock down the tiles for responsive design. When display settings are changed we would like to ensure that the tiles do not adjust their placement. Is this possible?
1/2/2018 23:10 
With the current version of the part, there is a "Default filter" which can be applied in the web part's properties.

I am wondering if it could be updated so that it could look for a parameter in the URL as well so that I can have just one page, but adjust the pre-filtered category on the link side. This would be a nice step to making the web part even more useful.

Mike Zzz  
1/12/2018 20:29 
1/12/2018 20:38 
I was able to tweak the app.js to have the following additional functions... If Amrein wants the code to role into the next update, let me know and I will be happy to provide it.

1) Can use CTRL-Click to open any tile in a new window (like default browser functionality)
2) Tilehreflink can include a paramater to open specific tiles in a new window vs All or None in web part settings.
3) Added a " - " category button on the far right of categories which collapses all the icons (like the browser - button)
4) Can add a parameter in your link to the page with Inspired Tiles which "pre-selects" a specific category of tiles
This means that you can dynamically set the "default" tile category based on the URL.

Things I may try to also incorporate:
1) Find a way to use standard html color names and hash codes instead of the short built in list of background colors.
2) Pass a rest-ish formatted filter parameter in the URL to the page to over-ride default filter query.
1/30/2018 16:57 
We have a number of websites that use this web part on premise and our company recently announced a company split. This means some of our sites are going to an O365 tenanat much sooner than we planned.

Since this web part was made by banderapps, has there been any indication one way or another if or when an O365 version will be available?

5/31/2018 13:59 
Is this a free product or 30 day trial?
5/31/2018 14:05 
the web part actually needs to be licensed (eg. the 30 day trial is free of charge).
5/31/2018 14:23 
Thanks Juerg
6/25/2018 03:26 
Hi there. Is it possible for a user to create a new tile themselves? I'm wanting to use this display option for a community noticeboard where users can create a new notice. Would this web part work for that or is there another you can point me towards?
6/25/2018 12:37 
the Inspired Tiles web part does not support an "add new tile" button, so the users would need to add the tile directly in the underlying list.
You also might consider our "List Items" web part which allows to display list items via a custom item template and also allows for an "add new item" button:

8/8/2018 18:46 
Is it possible to align tiles to center. Right now they are aligned towards left.

Thanks, Aman
6/30/2021 05:49 
Is there any way to change/add additional colors to this web part?
6/30/2021 13:30 
if you need more color choices besides the 18 predefined background colors,
please navigate to “Site Contents” and then open the “AEInspiredTilesAssets” SharePoint list.

- Open the “v1” folder and download the “app.css” file.
- Edit the CSS file as needed and then re-upload the app.css file

We can assist you if you need help on how to edit the file (as eg. change colors, add new colors or add background images).
You also can indicate the changes you need and we will then send you an adapted CSS file.
Fabio Colonnese  
10/15/2021 14:52 
Hi, is it possible to have a multi categoriy filter? so you can filter an item tha belogs to more than a category. ITEM1, belongs to CAT1 and CAT2. When you click CAT1 or CAT2 filrt button, and ITEM1 will appears both times.
Fabio Colonnese  
10/15/2021 14:54 
Must I insert license key every time I use the Webpart?
Is the license perpetual?
11/25/2021 11:20 
yes, this should be possible by changing the “TileCategory” column in your list to allow for multiple selections by changing the “Display choices from “Drop-Down Menu” to “Checkboxes”.

Please also see the web part configuration guide:

Regarding the License Key:
Please see the “Licensing Information” chapter in the above document on how to “globally” enter the license key.

  RSS Feed   
Great stuff!  The Amrein parts have made our intranet a better looking, easier to navigate and more useful site at a reasonable price.  Recommended.

David Meier, Magenic

This web part is available for:
SharePoint 2010
SharePoint 2013
SharePoint 2016
SharePoint 2019
SharePoint SE
SharePoint 2019 'modern'
SharePoint SE 'modern'
Office 365